The Team

Guild Master 

Restona has played WoW since early 2008 and has not unsubbed since! Raid leading Hostile throughout its later years moved then onto PVP during MOP and BFA reaching 2.3+ raiting in arena and 2k+ in RBG. Currently mains BM Monk.


PVP Leader

Social Leader

Raid Leader



Nirwyn has been playing since late 2015. Has always been passionate about raiding but also greatly enjoys the social aspect of the game, always willing to help anyone whenever she can. Currently mains Havoc DH but can often be seen also playing Frost DK.




We pride ourselves in providing high-end gameplay and want to ensure that players who wish to progress from a PVP perspective can do so as well. Our Core RBG team will be pushing rating whilst we also have a guild-wide group allowing less experienced raiders to join. To join our Core Group you are required to have a minimum of 2k RBG experience in BFA or 2.2 BFA Arena Experience.


  • Event Times: 20:00 - 23:00/23:30 CET

  • Event Days: Monday & Wednesday

  • Trial Period: 3 Weeks



3Our Core progression raid team are raiding 2 night per week, Wednesday and Thursday, with the optional raid on Sundays which will focus on clearing any remaining content and is open to both PVE and PVP applicants. Our Core Group focus is to raid endgame content aiming to get Cutting Edge for each tier.


  • Event Times: 20:00 - 23:00/23:30 CET

  • Event Days: Wednesday & Thursday with an optional Sunday raid.

  • Trial Period: 3 Weeks


We are aware that many people can not commit to Raiding or PVP’ing but here at Fractured we believe the social aspect within the game is more import than anything. We have set up a social environment within the guild that focuses on farming historic content, mounts, achievements. These events run throughout the week allowing members from all areas to join in but specifically focus on our Social members. Anyone wishing to apply for this role will be expected to attend the events run in this area.


  • Event Times: 20:00 CET

  • Event Days: Monday, Friday & Saturday depending on turnout. 

  • Trial Period: 3 Weeks



Bloodcryme has played WoW since TBC! Raid leading Cryptic before joining Hostile in late WOTLK and has experienced mythic raiding throughout every expansion since. Has always mained paladin, playing all 3 specs at some point.